Trust and Estate Administration

Probate law cases can be complex and time-consuming, which can leave grieving families with a significant financial burden. We are aware of the need to resolve probate law matters in an effective, cost-efficient manner. We do everything we can to keep costs manageable for our clients. We offer convenient payment plans that allow clients to pay legal fees over an extended period of time. When appropriate, we also offer contingency fee billing, whereby our firm only receives legal fees at the end of successfully litigating a matter after trial or settlement.

We represent executors, fiduciaries, heirs, beneficiaries and other interested parties in a broad range of probate and estate administration matters. We represent clients who live in New York as well as those who live out of state and in other parts of the world that are seeking an attorney for a New York probate law matter.

Areas of Practice

The scope of our probate law practice includes:

  • Contesting the Will
  • Probating the Will
  • Administration of the Estate
  • Obligations of Executors and Fiduciaries
  • Will Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Living Will Testament
  • Trust Law Services

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